Google Confirms No Loss in Link Authority on HTTPS Implementation

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Google Confirms No Loss in Link Authority on HTTPS Implementation

In what should help satisfy a question on the minds of a lot of SEOs — Google’s John Mueller has confirmed via a comment on Google+ there’s no loss in link authority when moving from HTTP to HTTPS.


This comes as a response to the recent news that Google will now default to indexing HTTPS pages when a duplicate HTTP version also exists.

Understandably, that led to some concern over whether or not link authority would be lost as a result of inbound links to HTTP pages no longer being counted. Now we have the answer, and the answer is no.

This was again confirmed on Twitter by Google’s Gary Illyes after SEJ’s Brent Csutoras reached out for clarification.

Screen Shot 2015-12-29 at 11.09.24 AM

Google will count the collective signals from inbound links pointing to both the HTTP and HTTPS versions of a page. Moreover, this will be done automatically, so there’s no need to worry about redirects.

A huge question on people’s minds has been answered by two top executives at Google. Go ahead and move to HTTPS without worrying about loss of link signals. You may even get a rankings boost from it in the process.

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Google’s Gary Illyes provided more insight in a Facebook comment on this story, stating that it’s a priority for the company to make site moves easier in the near future, especially when it comes to 301 redirects:

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  • Roger Rogerson

    Glad to see they;
    a) opted to answer it
    b) decided to do the right thing the right way

    Don’t simply rush off to implement HTTPS/SSL – you need to double check everything first.
    1) Make sure you don’t cause conflicts by having an HTTPS page requesting non-HTTPS resources (I believe this can cause some browsers to throw a warning)
    2) Certain 3rd party resources/functions may hit issues due to URL based referencing (such as Disqus comments may go haywire :D).

    So look and think before you leap.

  • surbhi jain

    due to redirection from HTTP to HTTPS, I have lost my some keywords ranking on top results.

    • Brent Csutoras

      Ping @Missiz_Z on Twitter about it!

  • NiixaStaff

    a very useful Post, i will check if there is any changing in my wy page ranking

  • Milly Delevingne

    lol i was thinking the same thing. Please explain in plain English lol

  • Claire Greenhow

    I noticed a significant drop when I made the move earlier in the year but slowly the old links seem to be getting picked up and sorted out.

    • Brent Csutoras

      Ping @Missiz_Z on Twitter about it!

  • kevrob

    I don’t know whether it is harmful in shifting from HTTP to HTTPS.

    • Aki Libo-on


      Shifting from HTTP to HTTPS won’t be harmful, SEO-wise. As stated on the news, the link authority you got while your site is still on HTTP won’t be loss when you implement HTTPS. Plus, Google favors HTTPS sites.