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Google Confirms GMail Bug Issued 1,000 Gigabytes of Email Storage

Some Google GMail users were surprised to log in this week and see their abnormal 1 gigabyte of free email storage space transformed into a monstrous one terabyte of free storage, 1000 times the 1 gigabyte Google is currently offering to lure web email users from Yahoo and Hotmail.

Rueters reports that a Google spokesman said the storage increase was the result of a “bug” and that the company was working to fix the glitch and cleared the rumors that Google GMail had offered users one terabyte, reaffirming the free storage is still at 1GB. Interestingly enough, one terabyte is roughly the equivalent of 16 days of continuously running DVD movies.

WebProNews reported yesterday that this Google bug set off blogger redflags all around the web (the Search Engine Journal has not yet been lucky enough to be gifted a GMail account). Bloggers reported that:

Google Blogoscoped: “Update: a source who doesn’t want to be identified just informed me ‘all Google employees get a Gmail account with one terabyte of space’.”

Search Engine Lowdown: “[Update]: Now, there is speculation that it is a bug of some sorts. A lot of people saw their storage revert back to 1000mb, however my account is still at 1000000mb.”

Too bad folks, as Google reported, the blog has been fixed, now you’ll just have to settle for your 1 GB of email storage (which is enough to keep people busy emailing for years without cleaning out their inboxes)!

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Google Confirms GMail Bug Issued 1,000 Gigabytes of Email Storage

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