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Google Confirms Algorithm Update Released on April 16th

Google rolled out another broad core algorithm update this week.

It was confirmed on Twitter that this algorithm update was released on Monday, April 16th.

You may recall that Google released a similar algorithm update early last month. Shortly afterward it was explained that a “broad core” algorithm update is something that occurs routinely several times per year.

While many SEOs speculated that this update targeted low quality pages, it was later confirmed the update had more to do with content relevance.

In other words, Google is adjusting rankings to ensure searchers continue to get results that best answer their queries.

Google says most of its algorithm update are related to content relevance, so relevance is likely to be the basis of this month’s update as well.

Therefore, if your rankings are affected by this update, it’s not necessarily an indication that the quality of your content needs to be improved. Rather, it’s more of a sign that your content needs to be more relevant to the audience who is searching for it.

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Google Confirms Algorithm Update Released on April 16th

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