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Google Comments on Napster Rumor

Google Comments on Napster Rumor

Google Comments on Napster Rumor

The search engine world should be taking this rumor with a grain of salt, but as speculation of a Google Music Download Service is heating up; we’d like to pass along the Google Rumor of the Day: Google Buying Napster.

From the New York Post (a News Corp publication) :

Google is considering an extensive alliance with Napster, which could include an outright acquisition, as it plots its move into the digital music world, The Post has learned.

According to sources within the music industry, Google has been pushing to align with Napster — rather than build its own online music store — a sign that Google sees subscription services, rather than the individual download model that Apple’s iTunes is built on, as the future of digital music.

Update : Google has issued a statement on the Napster rumor and Google Music Store rumors to UK’s TimesOnline :

“No, we have no plans at this time to develop a music store, or to compete with existing online and offline music retailers.”

It added: “Most of the details included on ‘music results’ pages are links to third-party information and sites. We actually think this feature will help drive traffic for those retailers and music-related sites.

“And, because we include relevant AdWords ads on the ‘music results’ page, this new feature may also increase advertising opportunities for music and entertainment industry advertisers.”


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