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Chrome Browser Tested on Google Chrome OS

Chrome Browser Tested on Google Chrome OS

Here’s a close looking into knowing how the upcoming Google Chrome OS will behave, specifically how the Chrome browser will look like on Chrome OS. A Techcrunch reader was able to grab the code from the Chromium build folder, installed it and is now reporting some of his observations.


First thing that you’ll notice is a new logo in the upper left hand corner of the screen depicting a colorful circle with a white center. When you clicked on the logo, it gives you a window that says Google Short Links that requires a domain for it to be used correctly.

It’s still remains a mystery though as to what this link actually contain although there is a disclaimer that reads –  “Google is not affiliated with the contents of Google Short Links or its owners.

On the opposite side where this mysterious logo appears is a clock, a network status indicator and a battery level indicator. Right now, only the clock is functional. A drop down menu is also in the same side.  If you are a Chrome browser user, this is similar its drop down menu, only this time a new option labeled “Chrome OS” is added. There is also an option for Touchpad settings, clear browsing data, import bookmarks and settings as well an option to switch to full-screen mode.

Hoax or not? This image and coverage seems pretty solid. Can’t wait to get a Google Chrome Netbook next year!

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