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Google Chrome OS News Round-Up, What’s Your Take?

As soon as Google goes official with the Chrome OS, every tech people I know jumped into it. Each with his own comments, impressions and ideas on what was made available by Google so far. You’ve read about our earlier report as well as Google’s own announcement. Now here’s what other bright minds in the tech world have to say about the Google Chrome OS.

Let’s begin with SEJ’s  very own Loren and what he has to say on what was announced today about the Google Chrome OS. Got this comment from Loren via IM.

If Chrome OS does for my computing experience what Chrome Browser has done for my web srufing & searching experience, I’m a Google OS user for life.

Brad Linder of Download Squad:

Google ChromeOS: It’s basically a modified browser that runs web apps.

Adam Ostrow of Mashable:

Chrome the browser essentially is Chrome the operating system. Applications live on the web, anything you save is available from anywhere, and Google says the current version boots in 7 seconds.

StuffTV gave an essential point:

Speedy Chrome OS will need dedicated hardware.

Boy Genius Report’s take:

Google has said flat out they designed the Chrome OS with three things in mind: speed, simplicity, and security, so we are going break down some of the finer points they touched upon under these pretenses.

Dan Frommer of Business Insider was pleased with the potential of Chrome OS on netbooks:

The whole point of the operating system — meant for simple computers and launching in about a year — is that it’s based on a Web browser, so don’t get too excited. It looks like a Web browser.

And it actually looks pretty good. We’re curious to see how the Apple tablet pans out, but if we ever had to buy a netbook, we’d seriously consider one running Chrome OS as opposed to Windows.

Larry Dignan thinks that Chrome OS may not be for everyone:

My hunch is it may a (take) while to get consumers to believe that “every application is a Web application.

Nilay Patel of Engadget has this to say:

As far as going to market, Google’s not talking details until the targeted launch at the end of next year, but Chrome OS won’t run on just anything — there’ll be specific reference hardware. For example, Chrome OS won’t work with standard hard drives, just SSDs, but Google is supporting both x86 and ARM CPUs. That also means you won’t be able to just download Chrome OS and go, you’ll have to buy a Chrome OS device approved by Google.

Patrick Goss of TechRadar believes (and I agree) that Chrome OS won’t replace Windows just yet:

But Chrome OS is a seismic change from what people are expecting; and Google’s assertion that this is meant to be for secondary devices means that this is not meant to replace Windows – at least not yet.

Eric Schonfeld thinks Google is making Chrome OS too simple:

Rather than support Android apps and other sorts of apps, there is only one kind of app Google is interested in: the Web app. Chrome OS is all about making Web apps the only apps you will ever need. Which kind of makes you wonder how long we’ll need Android apps, or iPhone apps for that matter, because you know it is only a matter of time before a phone comes out running on Chrome OS.

So, what’s your take on what was just announced by Google about Chrome OS?

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Google Chrome OS News Round-Up, What’s Your Take?

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