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Internet Explorer Users Can Now Download the Stable Version of Google Chrome Frame

In September of last year, Google Chrome Frame came out in an early version as a developer preview. This past June it was then released in Beta, much the excitement of Internet Explorer users. Yesterday a stable version of the open source plug-in became available for download. If you are unfamiliar with Google Chrome Frame it is a plug-in that was designed to allow for the use of the newest open web technologies, such as HTML5, in Internet Explorer. With GCF no extra coding is necessary and web applications can be used at faster speeds.

When Google Chrome Frame went into Beta over the summer, Google announced that it had fixed “more than 200 bugs to make integration with Internet Explorer seamless while improving security, stability, and performance.” Now that it is out as a stable version, it works three times faster on Windows 7 and Vista. As of right now administrator rights are required to install the plug-in but Google says it is working on a way to get around that. Also the are working on adding Gmail and Google Calendar support into the frame sometime in the “near future”.

As with the Google Chrome rapid release cycle, GCF is going to be put on the same schedule of having a new version release approximately every six weeks. If you are already a Google Chrome Frame user, you will automatically be updated within the next few days.

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Internet Explorer Users Can Now Download the Stable Version of Google Chrome Frame

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