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Google Rolls Out Chrome Business Deployment Installer

Google Rolls Out Chrome Business Deployment Installer

Google Chrome is quickly entering the mainstream for browsing options, having tripled in use over the last year. This new height of 120 million software users comes from all different locations, operating systems, and types of users. Now, as Google looks toward expanding Chrome’s presence even further, a powerful Chrome utility for businesses is being released.

According to a post on the Google Chrome Blog, Chrome is making itself “ready for business” with an MSI installer that allows businesses to unleash Chrome through standard deployment tools. However, the company hasn’t stopped at simply making installation easier.

The tool allows IT administrators to create and manage Chrome groups through their standard Google Apps interface, standardizing privacy and security settings company-wide. The MSI and group control settings are being released to the broad market after substantial testing and feedback from large organizations, including Procter & Gamble, Boise State University, and Vanguard.

Google has been marketing Chrome to businesses for a while now, specifically referencing security and privacy benefits of Chrome when compared to other browsers when pitching to a corporate audience.

Google also seems to be using this new tool as an opportunity to prepare organizations for a move to the Chrome OS. Since the Chrome operating system is designed for web-based applications, increased speed and security, and comes in at a free cost, it’s a strong candidate for offices that do their work primarily in the cloud. “Since Google Chrome is the same as the browser on Chrome OS,” Google reminds us, “admins considering Chrome OS for their organizations can start testing their mission-critical web applications by deploying the Google Chrome browser.

The MSI is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux. While it already boasts an impressive number of features for an initial release, Google has already promised that a feature update is on its way.

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