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Google CEO Schmidt on YouTube, Viacom and Media Companies

Bloomberg is running an article which quotes Google CEO Eric Schmidt’s stance on media companies and their reluctance to upload content on YouTube, despite its popularity and demand by YouTube users to view copyrighted content.

“Eventually all of the copyrighted content will be available on virtually all of the sites,” said Schmidt, who is tussling over copyrights with Viacom Inc. “The growth of YouTube, the growth of online, is so fundamental that these companies are going to be forced to work with and in the Internet,” Schmidt said in an interview at Google headquarters in Mountain View, California.

YouTube is essentially blossoming into the new preferential media in the same manner the Nixon-Kennedy debate put television on the map in 1960 and cable rocked the telecommunications world in the ’80’s.

If media companies do not see that now and ignore it’s popularity, will it hurt them in the long run and will they lose a generation of viewers?

Or will demand to view segments of the Daily Show or Yo’ Mama lead to an even stronger online video site in

The success of YouTube has networks divided on whether the benefits of putting up clips outweigh the risk of cannibalizing their own efforts. CBS Corp. this week called YouTube a “huge promotional vehicle.” Viacom CEO Philippe Dauman said unauthorized videos on the site hurt his company.

Read the full overview at Bloomberg : Google’s Schmidt Says Media Companies Need YouTube

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Google CEO Schmidt on YouTube, Viacom and Media Companies

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