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Google CEO Says Google Unlikely to Buy Twitter (Right Now)

Google CEO Eric Schmidt was on PBS’s Charlie Rose on Saturday night and was asked specifically about whether or not Google will buy Twitter (amongst many other very good questions).

Watch the entire video of the Charlie Rose interview of Google CEO Eric Schmidt on Google Video.

His answer, albeit extremely vague, shows the Google is playing a wait and see approach with Twitter :

Charlie Rose : People are excited these days, the lost several months about Twitter. Does Google want to buy Twitter?

Eric Schmidt: I shouldn’t talk about specific acquisitions. We’re unlikely to buy anything in the short term partly because I think prices are still high. And it’s unfortunate I think we’re in the middle of a cycle. Google is generating a lot of cash. And so we keep that cash in extremely secure banks.

Charlie Rose: Right.

Eric Schmidt: And we’ll wait that out. From our perspective, I think the YouTube application and the DoubleClick acquisition which are the two large ones we did last year and the year before, have been phenomenally successful.

More coverage of the interview with a transcript from TechCrunch.

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Google CEO Says Google Unlikely to Buy Twitter (Right Now)

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