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Google Celebrates 10 Milestones During 10 Years of Google Translate

Google Translate is now 10 years old. When it first launched it supported only two languages and has now gone on to support over 100 languages. In addition, the user base grew from just hundreds, to hundreds of millions.

In celebration of this achievement, the company took to the official Google blog to highlight 10 milestones Translate has reached since its launch 10 years ago. Here is a recap of each.

10 Google Translate Milestones in 10 Years

  1. Translate breaks down barriers. An example given is how a community in Canada is using Translate to communicate with a refugee.
  2. Over 500 million people now use Google Translate.
  3. Over 100 billion words are translated each day.
  4. Trending searches also correlate to trending searches in Translate. A big spike last year was a translation for the word “Selfie”.
  5. The translation community has grown to 3.5 million people making 90 million contributions.
  6. Brazil uses Translate more than any other country; 92% of searches come from outside the US.
  7. Word Lens lets you translate images of text in 28 languages.
  8. In 2011, Google introduced the ability to have a bilingual conversation on Google Translate.
  9. Translate can be used without an Internet connection.
  10. Google looks forward to what the future holds for Translate.
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Google Celebrates 10 Milestones During 10 Years of Google Translate

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