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Google Campaigns To Get Firefox Users To Change Default Search Provider

Google Campaigns To Get Firefox Users To Change Default Search Provider

Is Google threatened by Yahoo’s recent gains in search market share?

A report was released just yesterday detailing how Yahoo is slowing eroding Google’s search market share, most likely as a result of the company’s recent deal with Firefox.

Yahoo has been steadily gaining search market share since becoming Firefox’s default browser, a fact that is not going unnoticed by the world’s leading search engine.

Shortly after the latest search market numbers were revealed, Google has launched a social media campaign encouraging Firefox users to switch back to Google for their default search.

Here’s one of the company’s recent Google+ posts:

In addition to an animated GIF showing how to change your default browser, the company’s posts also link to a landing page with step-by-step instructions on how to change your default search engine to Google, no matter what browser you’re using.

Is Google reacting to the latest search market numbers, or simply providing a friendly reminder? Will be interesting to see if Google continues to be on the defensive if Yahoo continues to grow its share of the search market.


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