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Google Calendar Tips

Douglas Bowman, who helped design Google Calendar, has some great tips for getting the most out of Google Calendar.

Since I’ve been an early user of Google Calendar for a few months now, thought I’d share a few tips that may make the jump a little smoother for others. Some tips may seem obvious, other tips may be completely new to you. Specifically, I’ve noticed hesitation by Mac users in trying Google Calendar, which I’ll address in a few Mac-only tips sprinkled in with the rest.

Douglas covers tips from how to setup Google Calendar to Privacy and Security concerns. He even lists a number of helpful Firefox extensions for Google Calendar.

My favorite tip:
Reminders as text messages to your phone
One of the most useful features for me has been the ability to get event reminders sent to my mobile phone as text messages. In Settings > Notifications, you’ll find a section to verify your mobile number. The options toward the top set the default preferences for how you want to be notified.

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  • Deep

    I agree. This is probably the only reason I use the calendar. One simple feature to add, which would make my life easier, is if somehow the email that MS Outlook sends for meeting invites could be automatically registered on my Google calendar. Perhaps this could be done via the toolbar app (for all email clients), or perhaps in Mozilla Thunderbird somehow. Currently I cut and paste this into a simple one line String, and do the quick ad feature on Google calendar.