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Google Buzz Named “Biggest Flop of 2010”

Google has a huge number of great successes on the market. With about 140 different services currently active, and many of them thriving, there’s no doubt that Google is the go-to company for a huge chunk of internet users across the globe. However, not every Google idea comes to fruition. Some, in fact, fail epically. That’s the case with Google Buzz, a service that received the less-than-flattering title of “Biggest Flop of 2010.”

Buzz was handed this uninspiring award by a report by Mashable. “Along with Google Wave,” writes the report, Buzz “exposed the search giant as a mortal company with many flaws.” But that’s not what earned Buzz the top spot.

For Mashable, the death of Buzz means something truly significant for the web: Google can’t do social. The only property from Google that has a strong social networking/social media base is YouTube, which hasn’t seen much improvement on that front since it was acquired. Google has several other mediums in the category that also failed to top the market, including Picasa, Latitude, Wave, Knowl, and Blogger. While some of these services are still viable, none of them have taken the dominant spot.

Buzz was the giant push from the giant of a company, and no one bought it. People simply don’t trust Google as a social networking source, which means that Facebook is currently the unchallenged champion of the field. Considering that much of the growth happening in the modern web is happening in this sector that seems so unobtainable by Google, that may mean stunted growth in years to come.

Google had a couple runners-up for biggest flop, of course. Microsoft’s Kin phone wound up as nothing more than a huge loss for the company, while Digg managed to drop in popularity in a shocking and substantial way.

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Google Buzz Named “Biggest Flop of 2010”

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