Google Buys ZAO Begun, It’s a Contextual Ad Company Folks

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Whatever Google’s intention and purpose were for buying Russian contextual ad company called ZAO Begun is, only them knows. But we’re free to speculate, it’s a free web after all.

So for those who are not in the loop prior to reading about this news (that includes me), ZAO Begun is part of the internet portal called Rambler. More specifically Rambler owns 50.1 percent of the Begun, so it needs to buy the 49.9 percent from Bannatyne Limited first before selling the whole firm to Google. After this deal is done, Rambler’s net gain from the deal is predicted to reach around after all direct costs associated with the transaction.

We wouldn’t go into deeper into the detail of ZAO Begun history. It is enough that we know that it was established in 2002. Since its inceptiopn, Begun was able to build itself as an advertising and dealer network.e taxation and minority interest of about $3.4 million.

In addition, Rambler and Google have also reached an agreement on search and advertising deal for portal while continuing to operate its own web property.

Any guess on what or how much could possibly be Google’s stake in this deal?

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  • Hasan Saleem

    Google is Mysterious!

  • Gdog Kim

    Contextual ad networks seem to be incredibly hot right now, and from their earnings call it looks like the content stuff is accounting for 20% of GOOG revenue and growing.

    Both the YouTube and Myspace deals seem to have been successful strategic steps towards making the Google Content network the largest ad platform in the world, this looks like a logical expansion to a high growth market.

    Build it and they will come.

  • coolman

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  • Mundo Prestamos

    Google wants to beat any possible competitor, doesn´t matter the country Google wants to be the king.

  • Michael

    might be a good move, time will tell. We will now have companies in other parts of the world trying to create local ad networks for google to buy it.

  • Nick Stamoulis

    Should be interesting to see what happens with this latest aquision!