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Google Buys German Reverse Engineering Company

Google Buys German Reverse Engineering Company

Google is a monolithic entity – so big and so powerful that it trumps competitors (except Bing, which is gaining) by its mere presence, with so many resources that it can buy out any company it wants (except Groupon, who didn’t think $6 billion was good enough) without blinking. It’s no shocking matter, then, when Google buys another company. However, the “shopping habits” of this industry leader can give us substantial hints on what’s to come. So what, exactly, does the acquisition of the German company “Zynamics” mean?

zynamics logoImage via the Zynamics Site

Zynamics is a company specializing in “reverse engineering,” or understanding and manipulating software that doesn’t have available source code. While this can technically mean closed-source software with hidden code, it far more commonly means malware. This is best shown in the Zynamics lineup of products, which includes BinDiff (dissects executable files), PDF Dissector (looks through PDF files for malicious software), BinNavi (looks through binary code), and BinCrowd (a database for reverse engineering data).

It’s quite evident that malware is the focus, but to what end? Google could implement the Zynamics team and products in any number of Google divisions, including the Chrome browser (which already focuses heavily on security), the Chrome OS (which relies on being the most secure operating system on the market), the search team (which recently released new levels of malware protection), and more. In any case, it will be interesting to see how the resources are utilized and exactly what angle Google uses to benefit users.

Google hasn’t given us any more detailed information, but a representative stated that, “We’re delighted to have the Zynamics team on board,” specifying the usefulness of Zynamics’s “tools and skills in fighting malware.”

[via Mashable]

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Google Buys German Reverse Engineering Company

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