Google is rolling out a new booking button for Google My Business pages that will allow businesses to take bookings directly through GMB.

“Booking buttons can help your business stand out from the crowd,” Google says as the company emphasizes the benefits of online bookings.

Google’s booking button is said to allow customers to make bookings in under a minute. Creating an easier booking experience could result in acquiring more customers.


In the Google My Business interface, admins can track how many bookings were made directly through the GMB dashboard.

Supported booking providers currently include:

How to Set Up the Booking Button

Setting up the Google My Business booking button is a simple two step process.

Step 1
If you have an account with one of the supported service providers listed above, then a booking button has already been added to your GMB listing. Google will prompt you to sign up for an account with a supported service provider if you haven’t already.


Step 2
After you have signed up with a supported service provider then you can expect to see a booking button on your GMB listing within a few days.

Google’s new booking button for Google My Business will be available over the coming days to businesses in the US. The company plans to roll out this feature to more countries and business categories in the future.