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Google My Business is Now Automating Ownership Conflict Resolution

Google has launched a new feature which gives business owners the ability to streamline the process of reclaiming ownership of their Google My Business listing.

In cases where management of a Google My Business listing has been handed over to a third party, it can sometimes be difficult for the actual business owner to regain control of their own listing.

In these instances, when a business owner cannot get in touch with the current verifier of a listing, users can start the verification process themselves to prove they are in fact the rightful owner or current representative.

If you find yourself in this situation, here are the steps to follow to reclaim ownership of your GMB listing:

  1. Navigate to Google My Business.
  2. Sign in to Google with the account you use to manage your business.
  3. Enter the name or address of your business, then select it from the search results.
    1. You may see a dialog showing part of the email address that verified the listing. If you manage this email address, sign in to that account to access your business listing.
  4. Fill out the form. The current listing owner may need to contact you for more info, so you won’t be able to submit your request without sharing your contact details with them.
  5. Click Submit.
  6. The current listing owner will receive an email asking them to get in touch with you, and you’ll receive a confirmation email. Check on the status of your request by clicking the link in your confirmation email.
  7. Allow a full 7 days for the current listing owner to respond to your request. If you don’t hear back after 7 days, you’ll be able to verify your affiliation with the business to gain access to the listing.
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Google My Business is Now Automating Ownership Conflict Resolution

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