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Google Browser Sync Firefox Extension

Google Browser Sync Firefox Extension

Google Browser Sync Firefox Extension

Google’s newest Firefox browser extension is attempting to synch all browser data from one computer to another using Google Web Accounts. Google says that the new tool lends to the mobility of the web browser, letting anyone take their Firefox anywhere with them; as long as they download the Google Browser Sync extension.

From the Google Blog :

Google Browser Sync unifies your bookmarks, history, saved passwords, and persistent cookies across all the computers where you install it. It also remembers which tabs and windows you had open when you last closed any of your browsers and gives you a chance to reopen them. We think you’ll enjoy how it handles sync conflicts and “just works,” enabling you to bring your browser with you everywhere.

Brian Rakowski of Google also says that they are releasing an improved version of the Google toolbar for Firefox:

Meanwhile, we’ve also been improving version 2 of the Google Toolbar for Firefox. We’ve fixed a bunch of bugs and made it more stable, so we’re stripping off the “beta” tag. We’ll be updating all Toolbar users to this new version in the next couple of weeks.”


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