Google: Bots Haven’t Broken Our Captchas Yet

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As the amount of spam coming from Gmail accounts has been increasing in recent months, some have suggested that spammers have come up with a way to break past the captchas that protect Gmail with automated bots. Google, however, contends that this is simply not the case, and suggests instead that the driving force behind the increase in spam is actually low-wage workers from third-world countries being paid to get past the captchas.

Google insists that it is clearly being done by humans, and that there are easily identifiable patterns that back that up, such as the rates at which they find the spammer’s accounts during certain times in specific parts of the world. Although its not likely that bots themselves are busting the captchas, Google has said that automated software could have made the human end of the process a bit more efficient, such as the bots signing up for accounts and then emailing the captchas to actual people.

Hackers have already cracked the captchas for both Hotmail and Yahoo Mail, so is it only a matter of time before they figure out Gmail as well?  For the sake of my inbox, I sure hope not.

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  • Its B.S. – google’s captcha has long been cracked – you can download the perl files to auto login into an account via a web browser and send email. It was released public domain.

    Also – Maybe google should “google” “Auto Google Account Creator”

  • Hmm interesting. Perhaps the attention on the subject will pressure Google to heighten the security measures currently in placed. These spammers sure are relentless!

  • as long their spam filters work fine which they do… i am ok…

  • Michael is 100% correct – for Google to take this stance is ridiculous. The files are out in the open and still work.

  • Only those that are in the technical arena will know about the perl scripts. For most Googles word is good enough.

  • Maybe it would be best to send these damn spammers to a remote Aleutian island with only a leopard print Speedo and 5 pieces of red licorice. Just a thought.

  • Google’s gmail has proven remarkably spam free thus far, use it as a back up email and the amount of spam that comes through there is zero vs the penis enlargement and cracked software ads bugging me on hosted email accounts.

  • The argument of low paid workers creating the chaos hold true….they’ll have to start tracking ip adresses.

  • There is already a huge amount of low cost labour out there producing spam – why wait to break the capture with cheap labour at your disposal.

  • Google recently filed a patent for a technology that identifies text in images.

    Chances are, they could be the arbiters of their own defeat…

  • Ofcourse they didn’t. Those Google Captchas have lost their original intent. “Make something easy for human to understand, very difficult for machine to understand”

    Google Captchas are damn difficult even for human beings!