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Google Blogger Gets an Android App

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Google Blogger Gets an Android App

Google services cover more properties than someone who’s been cheating at monopoly (no pun-based accusation intended), but some of these services are far more venerated than others. Blogger is among these. Having helped establish user-friendly access to the blogosphere, Blogger remains one of the two most popular blogging services (the other is WordPress) for both personal and professional users. Now Google is making access to your Blogger account easier with a high-powered Android application.

The application, detailed on the Blogger Blog, will integrate all the features that users get in the desktop environment, including the ability to create content rich with images, links, labels, and so forth. Further, users will be able to save their drafts for later access, browse through previously saved drafts, manage multiple blogs associated with the account or accounts registered to the phone, and view all previous entries in list format.

However, there are also several features specific to the mobile environment. One of the most crucial of these is the ability to upload images from your phone. Is there something you want to take a picture of in the middle of writing your blog entry? You can do that too, taking a picture for automatic integration with a post from an internal app feature. If you don’t want to start from the Blogger end of the picture, you can even use the new addition to your “share” destinations, allowing you to load content into a new blog entry from any media gallery or selected browser item. Want to take even greater advantage of your phone’s features while writing a blog entry? You can activate the location feature to tell people where you’re at when writing the post.

This application, like most Google service applications, will cost you absolutely nothing. You can download it directly through the newly released Android Market or search for “Blogger” in the mobile marketplace.


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