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Google Blesses Blogger Users with AdSense Advertising

Google Blesses Blogger Users with AdSense Advertising

Blogger, having replaced the default Google powered AdSense ads with a search enhanced Blogger task bar, has recently announced that they will now make Google AdSense advertisements available to Blogger members and other personal blog owners via a new program. Biz Stone, a Google employee for, has announced via his blog that Blogger members can now use AdSense as a revenue builder in the Google “Get Paid For Blogging” program (sounds like a Tony Robins Seminar).

Biz blogs “We were making money from those ads but you weren’t getting any of it. Now, we’re inviting you to set up your own Bloggerized AdSense account so that you make the money. What’s the catch? We’re going to take some of the action. Based on what we have learned from AdSense so far, this will work out very nicely for both of us. Please note that this program is optional and that it is not required for you to have a Blogger powered blog—all bloggers are invited.”

Putting ads on your blog is pretty much the same routine as adding a hit counter, a quiz, a guestbook or any other blog add-on. All you need to do once you’ve signed up for an AdSense account is customize your ads, copy some HTML code, and paste that code into your template. You might want to think about where on your blog the ads would work best or take a little time matching the colors and that sort of thing but overall, it’s not such a big deal. Later, you can sign in to your AdSense account and see how much money you’re making. It’s like checking your stats except its money instead of hits. It’s pretty fun.

Biz also adds “not-to-do” tips for Bloggers who install their own AdSense:

* Don’t come up with sneaky ways to click on your own ads or get your friends to help you. This is considered fraud.
* Don’t draw unnecessary attention to your ads. Even posting text that says “please click on these ads” is against the policy.
* Don’t share how much you’ve earned. That’s going to be hard for lots of bloggers but it is against the terms and conditions and will get you kicked out.
* Don’t fiddle around with the AdSense code. You’ve got to leave it the way it is if you want to get paid.

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Google Blesses Blogger Users with AdSense Advertising

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