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Google BigDaddy Tool & Big Folks in Search

Google BigDaddy Tool & Big Folks in Search

Google BigDaddy Tool & Big Folks in Search

Google is expected to be rolling out the BigDaddy update sometime soon and is currently running it on some of its search data centers. Tony Hill has put up a BigDaddy Watch tool at which lets users compare Google results in its BigDaddy DataCenters.

Hopefully by keeping tabs of the changing results in the BigDaddy DataCenters site owners and SEO’rs can prepare for the update before being slapped and told “Who’s Your Daddy” by Google.

I just performed a search for “BigDaddy” on Google and the number one result was, a Big & Tall Man’s Clothing site. After wondering how many referrals they are getting for searches of BigDaddy I decided to check out the site. They seem to have a line of t-shirts similar to the Big Dog brand.

Being a Big Daddy myself at 6’5 250 (114 kg), I’m halfway tempted to buy one of their shirts to wear to the next Search Engine Strategies conference I attend. Then again, maybe not.

For you Big Daddies out there in the search world (and you know who you are) you may find it inspirational that Jeremy Zawodny has lost 55 pounds over the past year which has probably added to the performance of his glider. Jeremy’s supposed to be posting his secret soon (actually on the first year anniversary of his dieting February 4th) but has had some personal matters to attend to.

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Google BigDaddy Tool & Big Folks in Search

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