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Google Bidding on Hulu

Google’s empire is something like that of Alexander the Great. It extends all the way from their home territory of search through many foreign lands, including mobile and media, and is buckling hard against yet unconquered territory (social, that is) on the other side. Part of Google’s strategy, though, is fortifying their existing investments, pushing for new innovations, improved designed, and – when beneficial – acquisitions. One acquisition Google may be pursuing is Hulu.

We previously discussed Google and Hulu as a potential partnership, and I stated my opinion then: “It would certainly secure the media front, but with Google already in a strong position, the main purpose would be preventing another company from buying the content.” However, others have given additional reasons since. For one, Hulu has licensing deals that would likely stay in place after a Google acquisition, and may expand permissions for YouTube as well as Hulu itself. Additionally, despite already owning YouTube, Google doesn’t have much in the way of actual TV show broadcasts.

Need more reasons? Well, as the owner of Google Android, Google purchasing Hulu would make a lot of sense in solidifying a media advantage on their mobile operating system. Google TV would also benefit. But is Google actually pursuing this acquisition?

According to the Secaucus New Jersey News report by Judy Standifer, Google “plans to buy Hulu” and is “eager to join the circle of bidders, whom the management of Hulu has started to meet up.” While Standifer didn’t cite what sources provided this information, she seems confident of Google’s bid against competitor Yahoo. Microsoft may also be bidding on Hulu, although no such bid is yet confirmed. Other names of potential bidders include Apple and Netflix.

The bidders who make the most sense to yours truly are Yahoo and Microsoft, not Google, but Google would certainly have its reasons. Who do you think will win the bidding war?

[Sources include: Secaucus New Jersey News]


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Google Bidding on Hulu

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