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Google Base Live Tomorrow?

Google Base Live Tomorrow?

Phillip at Google Blogoscoped was tipped off by an anonymous source (who Phillip trusts enough to post the source’s story) that Google Base will go live tomorrow. Google Base, the live database riven classifieds, auction, and calendaring service was running in test mode last month. If the Google Base rumor is true, I better get a lot of sleep tonight and put on my blogging googles goggles in the morning, cause it’s going to be a busy day.

From PhillipWhile I can’t validate the prediction and have to file it under “rumor”, the source looks trustworthy and does believe Wednesday, November 16th, will indeed have Google Base open its doors. By the end of tomorrow, we’ll know if this was true.

On October 24th, Google released an incredibly vague description of what Google Base can do, positioning it as a competitor of almost any web service:

* Description of your party planning service (eVite, HotJobs, Craigslist)
* Articles on current events from your website (mySQL, Yahoo, Blogger)
* Listing of your used car for sale (eBay, Amazon, Yellow Pages, Paypal, Craigslist)
* Database of protein structures ( – probably the closest relative of Google Base)

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Google Base Live Tomorrow?

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