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Google Base Haiku

Google Base Haiku

Google Base has been live and down, working for some, showing error messages for others, and catching me in a login / password loop early this morning. Ever since its live testing two days ago writers from around the web have decalred Google Base everything from an eBay Killer to the total Google takeover of the world.

All specualtion aside, the Google Base offering seems to be a classifieds and user generated content hub which may have the potential to change the web social network and marketplace as we know it. Here’s a rundown on Google Base which we published yesterday with screenshots and other info.

Until Google Base launches, I’d like to recite the Google Base Haiku which was writen by ‘projectphp’ on Search Engine Watch Forums. The Haiku is about just as informative as any of the info Google has let out about Google Base :

Google base was seen
It was not a real product
Sitemaps made better

If Japenglish t-shirt worthy Google Base haiku is not your thing, then you can always sing along with Flavor Flav and Chuck D to the tune of Can’t Trus’ It and the Public Enemy version of Google Base :

Google Base in your face, Not an eight track, Gettin’ it good to the wood, So the people, Give you some a dat, Reactin’ to the fax, That I kick and it stick, And it stay around, Pointin’ to the joint, Put the Buddha down!!

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Google Base Haiku

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