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Google Base & Froogle Feeds : Just an Exercise?

Google Base & Froogle Feeds : Just an Exercise?

Brian Smith of Comparison Engines wonders outloud why Google would be launching their feed and spreadsheet based Google Base when they can’t even get the feeds at Froogle running correctly. In his post “Google Base – Is Google Really Ready for User Submitted Information?” Brian says:

I find interesting is that Google is moving forward with it even though it’s clear [see below] the company can’t quickly and efficiently handle structured feeds which people are submitting to Froogle. As Debbie Jaffee, Sr. Product Manager at Google told me in an interview back in September, Froogle is a good exercise in learning how to accept information submitted by people vs. the crawling that Google is most known for.”

Brian, in good Comparison Engines form, lists some conversations from the Froogle-Merchants Group on Google Groups :

Date: Mon 31 Oct 2005 07:50
“Hi! I used to have some items listed on froogle… I was approuved and everything….The last time I uploaded my feed, I got some errors… I fixed them and now my feed outcome is success…But when I check for my item with “View this store on Froogle” there is NOTHING!! I uplaoded my feed 2 days ago! Any idea what is the problem?”

Date: Mon 31 Oct 2005 16:41
“I am having the same problem. Everything uploaded successfully, but nothing shows up when I try “View this store on Froogle” or searching for my item. I have the “Show this feed on Froogle” box checked. Any ideas?”

Date: Mon 31 Oct 2005 17:17
“I too have that problem, i uploaded origionally about 3 weeks ago, there were some errors, which i corrected and reuploaded 2 weeks ago, since then theyve listed successfully but still do not appear on froogle. Ive reuploaded now 4 times because of this to try overcome the issue. Its a good thing froogle is free, because if i were paying them id be sueing them”

Date: Tues 1 Nov 2005 02:11
“We are having a similar problem. We used to be listed but our products expired because we did not refresh the feed. A few days ago we uploaded a new feed and appear succesful in the merchant centre but are
still not re-listed in the store. I think there may be a backlog of feeds delaying the process.”

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Google Base & Froogle Feeds : Just an Exercise?

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