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Google Base Car Search Appearing in Organic Results

Google Base Car Search Appearing in Organic Results

Looks like in addition to Google Real Estate, there are some new Google Autos search boxes popping up in Google’s search results – powered by Google Base. Greg Sterling scooped Google Base powered Google Autos earlier in the month, but those test results were for a limited amount of cars in the San Francisco Bay Area. Now Jason Dowdell at Marketing Shift has stumbled across the expansion of the Base powered vertical search results (complete with screenshot).

While doing some query checking this am I noticed my normally friendly Google results had been moved further down the page and in their place was a query refinement form for a car search. I figured this was to increase the amount of users to Google Base so they can soon monetize it once it has met a minimum threshold of users and feels confident they will be able to compete with eBay in their own way and still make money.

It was quite annoying though. Especially since I was looking for actual information on the environmental impact of the vehicle and not shopping for a car.

Jason also points out that Google Base powered Google Car Search listings are dominated by listings which means that either other car dealership aggregation services are not uploading their content to Base OR Google is choosing only a few limited partners for the testing of their high profile databased content driven vertical listings. The latter is more than likely the scenario but one must wonder if Google has chosen such a proven and successful test subject as for their Google Car Search/ Google Autos listings, why go with IMLive as a premium content partner for the Google Base Personals?

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Google Base Car Search Appearing in Organic Results

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