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Google Base Adding Payments and Selling Options

Google Base Adding Payments and Selling Options

Google Base has taken that one expected step which is leading them closer to adding a classified buyer to seller marketplace at Google which may have the intention of rivaling eBay and Craigslist for the local classified market. “We hope this feature will make it even easier for people to use Google Base to post and distribute a wide range of content, whether information for sharing or goods for sale.”

Speaking of local, with the option to sell via Google Base (which has become the backbone of the Froogle shopping engine), wouldn’t it be awesome to use Google Base to pay the local pizza shop, hold virtual local yard sales during the winter months, set up payment plan systems with contractors or catch up on monthly video store bills (if you are dealing with small merchants as opposed to corporate franchises).

For other web merchants, Google Base may in time serve as a total ecommerce sales backend, rivaling Paypal and Yahoo Stores.

Google Base Engineering Manager Chetan Patel & Product Manager Stephen Stukenborg post on the Google Base Blog that Google Base will be enabling Googlers to buy items using their Google Accounts.

Many of you are probably already familiar with the Google Account. You use it to sign in and pay for a number of Google services, like Google Video and Google Earth. We’re now introducting similar functionality on Google Base.

For buyers, this feature will provide a convenient and secure way to purchase Google Base items by credit card. For sellers, this feature integrates transaction processing with Google Base item management.

We’re starting with a very small number of sellers and we expect to include more over the next several months.

If you would like to receive an announcement when Google Base expands their payment, buying and selling system and would like to sell items on Google Base, let Google know.

Speaking of payment systems, Google may want to take a deep look into TextPayMe, a mobile phone to mobile phone text message powered payment system, perfect for local buying and Craigslist.

Mobile to mobile automated payment sounds hot to me. Mobile payment in convenience stores, train stations, and coffee shops is quite practical in mobilized cultures like Japan. I could definately see TextPayMe taking off in the major US market classifieds, bars, yard sales, and Texas Hold’em tables.

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Google Base Adding Payments and Selling Options

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