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Google Automat – AdWords Classifieds for Google Base

Google Automat – AdWords Classifieds for Google Base

Dirson at the ‘New Google Blog‘ (is that Google 2.0?) scooped up some info from a Google Patent which profiles Google Automat, an online user assisted advertising program (think Google AdWords Classifieds) which may be the commercial side of Google Base. Dirson writes : “You must just type in the name, description, and price of what you’re selling, and how you want buyers to contact you. Google will automatically create a Google AdWord for you, and host a webpage that provides the full information of your term. ”

Dirson additionally points out that the ‘Google Automat’ (reminds me of Google Laundromat) could be what Google was refering to in Google Base tests, where users can include there info or items for sale “in the main Google index.” Being that the main Google index includes both AdWords and organic search, the Google Automat patent is probably a precursor to their Base classifieds promotion plans.

The patent information is available from the US Patent Office and Dirson has posted a collection of Google screenshots on Flickr : Google Automat AdWords Listing Example, Google Automat Signup and Automat Registration.

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Google Automat – AdWords Classifieds for Google Base

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