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Google Audio Ads Rolls Out for All AdWords Advertisers

Google Audio Ads Rolls Out for All AdWords Advertisers

Google has been testing its Google Audio Ads platform for some AdWords advertisers over the past month or so, and are now prepared to roll out the new Audio Ads as a marketing option for all AdWords advertisers.

In an effort to educate the online marketer on the world of radio advertising, Google has prepared a Beginner’s Guide to Radio Ads.

AM and FM radio advertising may be new for many of our advertisers, so we’ve put together a Beginner’s Guide that cover tips for launching a successful radio campaign. The guide offers information on the types of audiences you can reach, tips on what makes an effective ad, ways you can reach your target customer, as well as budget, tracking and optimization best practices.

And to further push the adoption of Google Radio Ads, Google is offering advertisers a $400 credit to give them the chance to test out their system and track ROI, with hardly any risk:

To help kick-start your radio advertisements, we’re excited to offer $400 in Audio Ads credits towards your first radio campaign. To take advantage of this offer, you must use the Google Ad Creation Marketplace, a directory of professional ad creation specialists who can help you create your 30 second ads, and launch your campaign by June 30, 2007.

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Google Audio Ads Rolls Out for All AdWords Advertisers

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