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Google Assistant With Bard: Using AI To Complete Personal Tasks

Google unveils AI-powered Assistant With Bard to provide personalized help through conversational prompts.

  • Google announced Assistant With Bard at its annual hardware event.
  • It combines existing Google Assistant and new generative AI chatbot, Bard.
  • Assistant With Bard can connect with your Google services and perform actions.

Google has announced its newest AI-powered service, Assistant with Bard, at the annual “Made by Google” event.

The new assistant combines Google’s existing Assistant technology with its generative AI chatbot, Bard.

Assistant with Bard represents Google’s effort to push the boundaries of how people interact with technology in their everyday lives.

Uniting Bard’s AI With Assistant’s Personal Touch

Google describes Assistant With Bard as a “more personalized helper” that can help people complete tasks in a conversational way.

It fuses Bard’s generative and reasoning capabilities with the personalized assistance of Google Assistant. It enables interaction through text, voice, or images and can even perform actions on your behalf.

Google says Assistant with Bard strives to understand and adapt to your needs. It can provide personalized help by integrating with Google services like Gmail and Google Docs.

This AI-powered helper will soon be accessible on Android and iOS mobile devices.

Streamlining Google Services, Ensuring Privacy

Google is developing Assistant with Bard with seamless integration in mind. It will work hand-in-hand with Google services, such as Gmail and Docs, making it simpler to manage essential tasks.

Google is introducing a way to offer more contextually helpful experiences on Android devices. For instance, if a user takes a photo and wishes to create a social post, they can summon the Assistant with Bard overlay on the image and request it to make the post.

The assistant will use the image as a visual cue, understand the context, and assist accordingly.

Google notes that this new way to interact with Android devices is designed with privacy in mind, allowing you to choose individual privacy settings.

A Gradual Rollout

As Assistant with Bard is still experimental, Google plans to roll it out to early testers for feedback before making it available to the public in the coming months.

Further details on how to opt in will be released soon.

Looking Ahead

This announcement comes as Google aims to be a leader in generative AI. Assistant with Bard marks Google’s first significant effort to integrate generative AI into its core products.

After being given a short prompt, Bard has shown the ability to generate articles, stories, and other content. Google believes combining this technology with its existing digital assistant will create a more valuable product.

While promising, generative AI like Bard faces criticism over potential inaccuracies and biases. It remains to be seen how effective Google’s new assistant will be.

Featured Image: Screenshot from October 2023.

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Google Assistant With Bard: Using AI To Complete Personal Tasks

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