Google Assistant on both iOS and Android has a new feature that lets its users subscribe to daily reminders.

Using Google Assistant, subscriptions can be set up for things like daily weather updates, or a funny video to kick off the day with.

Simply utter a command such as “send me weather every day,” and the Assistant will prompt you to select a time of day to receive the update.


Tap on your preferred time slot and the subscription will be set. You can even subscribe to the same thing multiple times a day.


You can command the Assistant to set up a variety of other subscriptions, such as:

If you want to change your subscriptions at any point, just say “show active subscriptions” and the Assistant will display everything you’ve subscribed to in a carousel.

Tap on the subscription you want to change and you’ll be able to adjust what time it’s sent out, or cancel it altogether.

These daily subscriptions are a feature that was borrowed from Google Allo. It’s somewhat limited at the moment, but Google could always expand on it in the future to make it more useful.