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Google Assistant Comes to DISH TV – What this Means for Search

Google Assistant Expands Reach to DISH TV

Google announced that Google Assistant is coming to DISH TV. This expands the reach of Google Assistant. Now owners of DISH Hopper DVR devices can talk to their remote controller and access everything Google Assistant offers.

With Google Assistant on DISH TV, users can now control smart home devices, find phone numbers for local businesses, as well as quickly navigate to DISH entertainment content.

Google Assistant and Voice Search Grows in Importance

This development is a signal that we are well beyond the early stages of voice search. Google recently announced a full upgrade of Google Auto, Google’s integration of Google Assistant in the automobile. Partnering with DISH is yet another sign that Google Assistant should be a major consideration to online publishers.

Google is increasingly depending on structured data to help it process information. As voice search becomes ubiquitous structured data such as the Speakable structured data property (currently used in beta at Google) may become more important.  This underlines the urgency of becoming familiar with and integrating structured data now rather than play catch up later.

Google Assistant and Voice Remote Integration

Google Assistant is available through DISH TV’s voice remote.

According to Google’s official announcement DISH TV + Google Assistant will allow you to:

  • Find entertainment
  • Control smart home devices
  • Manage tasks
  • Get answers

Manage Tasks with DISH TV

Google Assistant via DISH TV will be able to access your calendar, add items to your shopping list, and provide traffic information.

Google Assistant Answers on DISH TV

This part of the announcement impacts online publishers directly. DISH TV users will now be able to obtain local search information. Here’s how the official announcement explains it:

“Ask your Assistant questions and see the answers on your TV screen with DISH. Get answers related to what you’re watching, favorite shows, characters, and actors. You can also get information on local businesses, flight details, and game scores. For example, “What pizzerias near me are open now?” or “What’s the score of the baseball game?” “

Customers who don’t already have a voice remote have the opportunity to obtain a free remote if they are eligible. This means Google Assistant on DISH TV will be available to a wide group of users.


This news underscores the importance of voice search to online publishers. Whether you are a local business, an advertising based informational site, eCommerce or a news organization, understanding how voice search applies to your business is a priority. This means integrating JSON-LD structured data, Google’s preferred structured data markup.

Read the official announcement: Get help from the Google Assistant on your DISH Hopper

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Google Assistant Comes to DISH TV – What this Means for Search

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