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Google to Allow App Installs Direct from Search Results on Android

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Google is testing the ability for Android users to install apps directly from search results, according to Android Police. Soon you will be able to bypass the Play Store and install the app you want with a quick Google query.

To trigger this feature, open the Google app on your Android phone and search for an app. Within the Google card, which would normally direct you to the Play Store, you will now see an Install button.

A simple tap of the Install button will have the app installing to your phone, after accepting the mandatory permission pop up you get with all Play Store app downloads.

This may be confusing to some users because, while everyone will now see the Install button, some may still be directed to the Play Store. Not everyone has the option to download apps directly at this time — Ryan Whitwam of Android Police speculates it’s only the start of a much wider rollout.

Whitwam adds, as is the case with other features, it may only end up being available through the Google app and not Chrome. Google itself has not responded to requests for comments, but it’s not unusual for the search giant to be seen testing new features in the wild.

As people become increasingly reliant on apps to do things like accomplish tasks, acquire information and shop for new products; Google has to find new ways to keep them coming back to the search engine. Becoming the destination to find and install apps may prove to be a successful way to retain search volume in an app dominated world.

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Google to Allow App Installs Direct from Search Results on Android

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