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Google App Updated With Dark Mode for iOS and Android

Dark mode finally makes its way to the flagship Google Search app.

Google App Updated With Dark Mode for iOS and Android

Google has begun rolling out a long-awaited dark mode update for its flagship Google Search apps on iOS and Android.

The update is starting to roll out as of today, and will be available to everyone by the end of the week.

It will only be available to people who are using a relatively up to date version of the Android or iOS operating system.

In order to activate dark mode your device will need to be running at least Android 10 or iOS 12/13. By default, the Google App will reflect your device’s system settings in Android 10 & iOS 13.

Google App Updated With Dark Mode for iOS and Android

If your device is set to dark mode, then the Google app will automatically mirror those settings.

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Alternatively, you can alternate between light and dark mode manually, regardless of what your device is set to.

To do that, go into the settings menu in the Google App settings and choose the mode that you prefer.

Why Dark Mode?

Google has been late to the party when it comes to dark mode, which is evident by the fact that its flagship app only now has the setting.

Ever since Android and iOS started offering a native dark mode setting, the race has been on for app developers to follow suit.

Anecdotally speaking, dark mode is easier on the eyes for many people, especially in dimly lit rooms.

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However, the main benefit of dark mode is its battery saving capabilities. Dark mode has been proven to add hours to a phone’s battery life.

This is primarily true for phones with OLED screens, as each pixel is individually lit. So a black screen means most of the pixels are off and not consuming battery.

Google has been gradually rolling out dark mode to its many apps, and has gradually made its way to the one people rely on most.

To get dark mode in your Google app, simply download the update from your app store.


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