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Google Answers Questions About AMP Indexing

Google has compiled some of the most common questions about indexing AMP pages in search results and answered them in a help thread.

Here is a condensed version of all the questions and answers.

How long does it take for AMP pages to show up in search results?
Answer: About the same as a regular web page.

If I launch X number of AMP pages, how long can I expect indexing will take?
Answer: Again, it’s the same as launching a regular page.

Is indexing different for a homepage versus another page?
Answer: They go through the same indexing flow. Crawl frequency may change depending on how often the primary content changes.

Should pages still be indexed if they’re likely to be changed or removed often?
Answer: Yes, that’s fine.

Any way to speed up the indexing process?
Answer: It helps to provide sitemaps and/or submitting pages through Search Console.

How does AMP impact rankings?
Answer: AMP on its own doesn’t influence rankings. Speed is a ranking factor, but pages can be fast without AMP.

Should I be concerned if only a small percentage of my AMP pages have been indexed?
Answer: This is not a problem. Google may not have discovered the pages yet, but eventually will over time.

Why do AMP and non-AMP results appear in search?
Answer: Google may treat those pages as separate documents if it cannot see a connection between the AMP version and its canonical.

Should I tag my AMP pages differently when there is a separate desktop and mobile site?
Answer: AMP should point to desktop with <link rel=”canonical”>. Desktop should point to AMP with <link rel=”amphtml”>.

Why is my AMP page not showing up in the top stories carousel?
Answer: Being eligible for a certain search feature doesn’t guarantee the display of that feature.

Is AMP crawling coming off my crawl budget?
Answer: Yes.

If you have a question about indexing AMP pages that was not answered you can submit it in the help thread.

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Google Answers Questions About AMP Indexing

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