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Google Announces 3-Day Digital Conference Starting June 30

Google is planning a three-day digital conference taking place from June 30 to July 2.

Google is planning for a live digital event taking place over three days, which is geared toward developers and has some search-specific sessions as well.

Google’s ‘ Live’ conference is being held from June 30 to July 2 and appears to be completely free to attend.

The goal of the conference is to help people stay connected, informed, and up-to-date with modern web techniques.

A landing page reads:

“These are unprecedented times, with people worldwide looking to stay connected and informed. The Web plays a special role here, and we’re proud to see how the community has stepped up.

Join Google’s Web Platform team, from the comfort of your homes, to celebrate our community’s actions, learn modern web techniques and connect with each other.”

Three Days, Dozens of Sessions

The conference is being held over three days and each day will be held in a different time zone.

One “day” of the conference is only three hours, but within that block of time there are roughly a dozen sessions.

That means each session will be between 10-20 minutes, including a Q&A period.

Search-Specific Sessions

As mentioned, the conference caters to developers when it comes to session content.

However, there are some sessions specifically related to SEO.

On Tuesday, June 30, Google’s Martin Splitt will be presenting two back-to-back sessions on JavaScript SEO:

  • Debugging JavaScript SEO issues
  • Implementing Structured Data with JavaScript

No specific time was provided for when these sessions will take place, but they are the last two sessions of the day.

The day starts at 12:00 PM EST, so if you show up for at least 2:15 PM EST you should be able to catch these sessions.

There are no search-specific sessions taking place on the other two days of the conference, but they may be of interest if you do any kind of web development.

How To Attend

Attending the Live conference is completely free, all you have to do is sign up on the landing page here.

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Google Announces 3-Day Digital Conference Starting June 30

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