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Google and Twitter Reportedly Working Together on a Content Delivery Platform

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Recode reports that Google and Twitter are working together on their own ‘instant articles’ solution, which is said to aid in the distribution of content to mobile devices.

Multiple sources have told Recode when people click on links in either a Twitter feed or a Google search, full articles will pop up immediately versus waiting several seconds.

Google and Twitter will not actually host the content. Instead, the instantaneous delivery will be accomplished by showing people cached web pages on publishers’ sites.

This makes a world of difference to content publishers’ because people will still be landing on their web pages, and not on pages hosted by Google/Twitter. There will be no loss of website traffic.

Publishers will also appreciate the fact that there will be no loss of ad revenue either. The cached web pages will contain any display ads that would otherwise appear on the live site.

Another thing that will set the Google/Twitter content delivery platform apart from its competitors is the fact that it will be open source. That means other companies will be able to use it and build upon it.

Unlike Facebook, who’s name is all over Instant Articles, the solution offered by Google and Twitter will not be branded. Unless you follow tech news you may never even know the two companies were behind it.

The Twitter/Google content delivery platform, at this time being called “accelerated articles”, is said to launch this fall with a small group of publishers.

Google and Twitter have reportedly declined comment, but one of Recode’s sources is quoted as saying: “The world needs an answer to proprietary instant articles, and Twitter and Google could provide it.”

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Google and Twitter Reportedly Working Together on a Content Delivery Platform

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