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Google and MSN Desktop Search Tools Go Corporate

Google and MSN Desktop Search Tools Go Corporate

Google and MSN Desktop Search Tools Go Corporate

Just when you thought MSN and Google Desktop Search tools were like a link from and “not safe for work”, the two companies come out with more secure Enterprise versions of their popular desktop search software. Google yesterday announced Google Desktop Search for Enterprise which is a free downloadable application that enables companies to provide employees with the ability to search for information on their computers using Google’s proven algorithm and indexing capabilities. Google Desktop Search for Enterprise adds new enterprise-level security, configuration and deployment controls, as well as the ability to search the full text of IBM Lotus Notes messages through a collaborative effort between Google and IBM.

“Finding information quickly in business is more than a convenience — it’s a necessity,” said Dave Girouard, general manager of Google’s enterprise business. “With the addition of Google Desktop Search for Enterprise, businesses of all sizes can offer their employees one-stop Google search for the desktop, intranet, or web.”

“E-mail has evolved beyond messaging into a tool where people manage their activities and store critical business information,” said Ken Bisconti, vice president of Workplace, Portal and Collaboration Software, IBM. “With Google Desktop Search for the Enterprise, we are giving more than 118 million Lotus Notes users greater flexibility in searching for critical business information stored on their desktop.”

Techwhack reports that MSN last week released the full MSN Toolbar Suite which comes with three toolbars designed to make desktop searching easier for the end user. The utility indexes the files on the system when the computer is in idle state and makes them available for searching as easily as it is to search the web nowadays.

However, the interesting bit of information released during the launch was the Microsoft is now planning to offer a corporate solution for desktop searching. Maybe, the aim is to target Google Mini Appliance, which allows companies to index documents lying on their intranets for local searching.

The official statement said: “In response from corporate customers looking for desktop searching capabilities designed for their needs, Microsoft is developing a desktop search offering, built on Windows Desktop Search, for the corporate environment.”

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Google and MSN Desktop Search Tools Go Corporate

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