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Google and its Acquisition of Transformic, Inc.

Google and its Acquisition of Transformic, Inc.

Google and its Acquisition of Transformic, Inc.

Remember the Google acquisition of Transformic, Inc.? Well, neither did I, until today that is when I read a post from Bill Slawski of SEO by the SEA in my feed reader.

Bill digs into the Google acquisition of Transformic, Inc., the papers, patents and studies of Dr. Alon Halevy, the man behind Transformic, and what this company can and might bring to Google.

From Bill’s post, Google’s Quiet Acquisition of Transformic, Inc..

Reading a Washington Post article, Google Goes to Market, I noticed a company name in a list of Google acquistions made that I didn’t recognize, and hadn’t included in my list of Google Acquisitions.

The company is Transformic, Inc., which ran The aim of Transformic was to build search engines for the deep web – that part of the web that search engines had problems crawling and indexing. was an example of the ability of Transformic to gather information from other web sites that search engines had difficulties with, offering access to hundreds of classified sites found on the web.

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