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Google and AOL Renew and Expand Long-Time Search Partnership

After almost a decade of being in a search partnership, Google and AOL have announced this morning that they have come to a five-year contract renewal and expansion agreement. With this partnership, Google will continue to power AOL’s searches in addition to providing mobile search. Also, YouTube has agreed to to bring AOL videos to its site as part of the expansion.

This renewal can definitely be seen as a win in Google’s column, seeing as how Bing was after the deal as well. However, AOL says that Google sends more traffic to AOL sites.

“Today is another important step in the turnaround of AOL,” said Tim Armstrong, AOL’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. “AOL users will be getting a better search and search ads experience from the best search company in the world – Google. After nearly a decade-long partnership in search, we’re looking forward to expanding our global relationship to mobile search and YouTube. All aspects of our partnership will be improved by this deal.”

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Google and AOL Renew and Expand Long-Time Search Partnership

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