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Google Analytics Sending Out New Invites

Google Analytics Sending Out New Invites

Remember Google Analytics? The new free Google version of Urchin which lets webmasters track user behavior and conversions on their sites and also has seamless AdWords to Conversion ROI tracking integration?

Google Analytics could not meet the initial demand and had to close its doors for new signups, but now its back and looking for new publishers to experience their Analytics system. Besides inviting new users, Google Analytics is now also letting its existing users add new web pages to their accounts. Google posts on the Google Analytics progress page:

  • Invitations : We’ve added enough capacity that we are re-opening signups on an invitation basis. Many of our users who previously submitted their email address to us will be receiving an invite shortly.
  • Explanations : As you may know, we experienced extraordinarily strong demand shortly after we launched last November. To ensure a high quality user experience for existing customers, we had to temporarily disable new signups. We have been working diligently to add more capacity that we can both enhance performance for existing users and re-open signups to a limited number of new users.
  • Renovations : Since we launched, we’ve improved the freshness of report data so that our existing customers can see reports that are as recent as 3 hours ago. We’ve also re-enabled the addition of new profiles so that all of our existing customers can track additional sites using Google Analytics.
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Google Analytics Sending Out New Invites

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