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Google Analytics 4 Backlash: GA4 “Sucks” and is “Horrible”

Search marketing community declares GA4 to be awful, unusable, and so bad it can bring you to tears. What is going on?

Google Analytics 4 - GA4

Twitter has been on a low boil for weeks as many users across the search marketing world expressed their extreme displeasure with Google Analytics 4 (GA4).  While there are some positive comments, the many negative comments come from search marketing professionals who one would expect to be brand ambassadors of GA4 and not their most passionate critics.

GA4 is Difficult to Use

A common complaint about GA4 is that it is difficult to use. Some search marketers noted that GA4 seems geared for use by enterprise level users more than smaller businesses.

Dave Davies (@beanstalkim) is a search marketing expert and co-host of the Webcology Search Marketing podcast, a person one would expect to be a brand evangelist for Google’s products but even Dave was tweeting his negative experience with GA4.

It was startling to see his recent tweet proclaiming that “GA4 sucks” because the user interface is not intuitive and is difficult to use.

Dave noted that commonly used features are buried within the user interface as if purposely making it difficult to access.

Another search marketer Called GA4 HORRIBLE (in caps) and complained that basic features were now difficult to access, mirroring Dave Davie’s observation about the unintuitive user interface.

Another search marketer agreed that the word “horrible” accurately described the new Google Analytics 4.

The marketer wished they hadn’t wasted so much time trying to familiarize themselves with the poor user interface.

It was also noted that third party add-ons still don’t work.

GA4 is Described as Horrible

GA4 is Described as “Awful”

GA4 Described as Unusable

Another Google Analytics user posted several tweets expressing her displeasure with GA4

GA4 Might Bring Users to Tears

A series of tweets noted how it was difficult to use and had her on the edge of crying and questioned Google’s commitment to small businesses.

GA4 is So Complex You Need a Manual to Use It?

Another tweet (unintentionally) underlined how complex GA4 has become.

Search marketer Glenn Gabe (@glenngabe)  posted a link to a 1,400 word article about how to access basic functionalities in the new analytics service.

The article is well written but one has to wonder about the utility of any user interface that requires 1,400 words and screenshots to learn how to use it.

Google Analytics 4 Not Ready for General Use?

Other search marketers expressed their opinions that GA4 is a mess and not ready for “prime time” while also expressing hope hope that Google will fix the issues.

Yet others expressed less hope, tweeting that GA4 seems to have been rushed out and that it was giving them post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), a disorder that is triggered by traumatic events.

She listed some of the Google services she had adopted in the past that were subsequently abandoned, expressing a lack of enthusiasm for adopting GA4.

One of the reasons for the lack of enthusiasm is what she noted as GA4 not being “error free.”

The negative feedback about Google Analytics 4 is that it’s not ready and that it was rushed out in a state that still needed improvement.

One user said it was not ready for prime time. Prime time is a phrase that references the time period in the evening when most people watch television.

To say that something is not ready for prime time is to communicate that something is not yet ready for use.

Not All the Feedback was Negative

Some people on Twitter offered positive words for GA4. But even their hopeful tweets contained negative feedback that noted how the user interface was “overly complicated.”

New services can sometimes have a rocky launch. No doubt many people are experiencing that with Google Analytics 4.

Intuitive design has never been one of Google’s strong points and if all the people complaining on Twitter (and Facebook) are to be believed, GA4 may represent a benchmark in how bad a Google product user friendliness can get.

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Google Analytics 4 Backlash: GA4 “Sucks” and is “Horrible”

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