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Google’s AMP Pages Now Featured in Twitter’s Moments Tab

Google’s AMP Pages Now Featured in Twitter’s Moments Tab

Twitter has added the ability to display Google’s AMP pages when loading up content in the Moments tab. When links are featured in Moments, the AMP version of the content will be loaded by default (if there is one).

Previously, the process for accessing content from the Moments tab was more cumbersome. The Moments tab was only able to feature tweets that contained links to content; if you wanted to view the content you first had to click to view the tweet, and then click the link to view the content.

Today’s update simplifies the process by allowing publishers to distribute links in Moments, and makes it faster by adding AMP technology to the mix. The update is available on both iOS and Android.

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Twitter has been supporting the AMP project since the technology was announced. First, with the ability to embed tweets and Vine videos into AMP pages, and now with the integration of AMP pages in the Moments tab. This is contrary to Facebook, which has been pushing a similar but proprietary technology called Instant Articles.

Regardless of what side of the fence you’re on, finding new ways to make the mobile web faster can only be a good thing for both those who consume content and those who publish it.


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