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Who Has AMP Carousel and Who Doesn’t? Google Reveals Countries With AMP in Search Results

Who Has AMP Carousel and Who Doesn’t? Google Reveals Countries With AMP in Search Results

Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) project rolled out to a very limited audience when it was first introduced in February. Now it has been rolled out to a slightly greater, but still limited audience.

A Google employee confirmed in a Webmaster Central help thread that the AMP search carousel is now available in 12 countries in total.

google amp

Again, as you can see from the screenshot above, Canada is again getting overlooked with the rollout of a major new addition to search. I point this out not only because I’m Canadian and I see this happen often, but there is objectively more search volume coming out of Canada when compared to other countries which now have the AMP carousel. (Source: The Guardian)

This appears to be a slow and steady rollout, which can be seen as a benefit for webmasters as it takes quite a commitment of time and resources to convert regular web pages to AMP-compatible content. There’s little doubt in my mind about AMP expanding to more countries eventually, but there’s no further information about that at this time.


Featured Image Credit: iQoncept

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