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Google Search Console Now Reports on Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Errors

Google Search Console Now Reports on Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Errors

Since Google made its Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) technology available to everyone in December, more sites have been implementing it for news content ahead of the full roll out in February.

In an effort to ensure site owners are implementing it correctly, Google Search Console will now report on errors it finds with respect to the utilization of AMP technology on your website. Google’s John Mueller sums up the implementation process as follows:

In order to get started with AMP on Google Search, you’ll need to create matching, valid AMP pages where relevant, ensure that they use the NewsArticle markup, and link them appropriately.

google amp errorsScreenshot taken on 20/01/16 by author.

The error report can be conveniently found within the Search Appearance section of Google Search Console. Mueller says the goal is to help site owners detect errors with the implementation of AMP across an entire website. This is a huge step up from the previous solution Google offered, which was to run each page individually through a testing tool.

The AMP error report is much the same as Search Console’s Mobile Usability error report and robots.txt Tester. It provide an overview of an entire site while singling out specific errors and the URLs they’re found on.

AMP technology is an open-source content delivery platform that can instantly load web pages being clicked on from Google SERPs. Mueller has been quoted as saying AMP is going to be 2016’s “hottest new website technology.”

Implementing it, Mueller says, can be as easy as installing a plugin in your content management system. WordPress was quick to add support for AMP in its CMS by releasing an official plugin shortly after the technology was introduced.

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If your content isn’t yet optimized with AMP technology, you still have time before its due to roll out in search results in late February.

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