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Google Adwords: What’s New?

Google Adwords: What’s New?

Google Adwords:New Interface

Google adds a new, more customer friendly interface to AdWords.

From Google:

What’s New in Google AdWords?

Based on direct feedback from our advertisers, we’ve improved the Google AdWords account interface. We took your suggestions to heart and devised a number of ways to enhance your user experience. So while a few areas on your screen may look a little different, you’ll find that managing your account is easier and more efficient than ever.

Among the many changes, you’ll enjoy:

Account-wide search functionality.
Personalized reports.
Faster campaign loading.
Tables you can sort by clicking on a column name.

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Checkboxes to edit multiple table rows at once (checking the top checkbox selects all checkboxes in that column).

Need help? Browse the What’s New links below to see exactly what we’ve changed. You can also visit our updated Account Tasks section for step-by-step instructions on typical account activities. Or, if you’re the type who always clicks the ‘I’m Feeling Lucky’™ button during your Google searches, skip this whole page, dive right in, and give the updated Google AdWords interface a try.

What’s New:
Campaign Summary
Ad Groups
Ad Group Details


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