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Google AdWords Upgrades App Campaigns & TrueView Ads

This week Google introduced two ad innovations that are designed to help people find more of what they want on mobile devices. With these new ad types, Google looks beyond the initial app install to discover how to keep users engaged in meaningful ways.

Next Gen Universal App Campaigns

The first of the two ad innovations announced this week is the “next generation” of Universal App Campaigns, which is available worldwide right now to all advertisers. Universal App Campaigns allow you to reach customers with in-app advertisements across Google Search, Play, YouTube, and the Google Display Network.

Advertisers are free to choose the in-app activity to optimize for; whether that’s tapping on a promotion for the latest sale, or beating the first level of a video game. Those kinds of activities are measured using Google’s app management solutions, like Firebase Analytics.

Once the app campaign is up and running, Google begins to collect data and learn how people engage with your ads. The campaign will continually refine its own ads so you can reach the right customers, in the right places, at the right times. For example, if it’s found that people who tap on a lot of travel ads also watch a lot of travel vlogs, then they will be served ads for more travel deals on YouTube.

TrueView for Action

YouTube’s TrueView for apps promotion allows marketers to drive more purchases and downloads — but what if you’re not trying to get people to buy or download anything? Maybe you want people to request a quote, book a consultation, or sign up for a newsletter.

There are many types of conversions that do not involve purchases or downloads, which is why YouTube is introducing TrueView for action. These ads will appear in conjunction with video ads, as a card with a call to action at the very bottom. The card can be customized with any kind of call to action you wish.

Again, both TrueView for action and upgraded universal app campaigns are now available to all advertisers around the world.

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Google AdWords Upgrades App Campaigns & TrueView Ads

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