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Google AdWords Testing Bid Price Structure Changes

Google AdWords Testing Bid Price Structure Changes

Google AdWords Testing Bid Price Structure Changes

Google is making some changes in pricing of the AdWords program and currently testing them in the AdWords interface according to a Webmaster World discussion. In the discussion, dubbed Google AdWords Pricing Change Goes Into Affect, AdWordsAdvisor (a Google rep) confirms the testing. Honestly, I’ve been a bit out of the loop recently with managing paid search campaigns on AdWords but after checking into my current account I read up on the pricing change.

Google AdWords is going to be placing minimum bids on individual keywords based on the quality of that word and competition. From Google AdWords : “Each keyword will now be assigned a minimum bid that is based on the quality (also called Quality Score) of your keyword in your account. If your keyword or Ad Group’s maximum cost-per-click (CPC) meets the minimum bid, your keyword will be active and trigger ads. If it doesn’t, your keyword will be inactive and will not trigger ads.”

Once the testing of the AdWords Quality Score pricing is finished, the program is planned to go live and Google will be notifying current advertisers via email, a blurb in the AdWords account, or perhaps a phone call or meeting (for the lucky ones). What about changes to the account made in the “testing” phase? AdWordsAdvisor posts “In the meantime, for those few that do see the ‘new’ pages, please know that you are seeing testing, that your account will run as normal during the testing, and that any changes you make in the ‘test’ interface will be saved.” More to come.

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